Microgimbal eco, is a platform that brings together all the virtues of its predecessor and also includes some improvements:

1.- Arm is 10mm plus lake.

2.- It is compatible with most sports cameras on the market.

3.- It is somewhat cheaper than the previous one.


The main difference of this platform is that it is compatible with GoPro, SjCAM, Xiaomi, Eken, FyreFLy or Gitup among others …




To make this possible, we have radically altered the way of anchoring the camera to the stand.

When with the previous version, we screwed the camera housing to the bracket, now we attach the cover of the housing to the bracket, allowing us to mount many different types of cameras.

Below is a drawing of the engraving on the front and some data to paste the camera correctly.




On the front of the stand we have recorded the following:

The cross indicates the center of gravity of the support.

The lines that are marked in blue are a guide for gluing the 3m curved adhesive.

The greens indicate the position of the 3m flat adhesive.



Although the brackets, mostly will be delivered with this adhesive already placed, can be exchanged for any other when necessary, so we leave the steps to follow to do so.

1-. Clean the front with alcohol and a cloth to remove grease from the hands.


2-. Install the adhesive



Note: It is indifferent to stick a curved or flat adhesive, the important thing is to be as centered as possible, without needing to be millimeter, but as centered as possible.


.3-. Glue the camera as far as possible to the center of gravity, taking special care to leave free space at the close of the camera housing.


4-. The last thing is to press the camera against the support, so that the adhesive paste well and we will have our support ready.



1-. Mount the equipment on a stable surface.

2-. Make sure that the equipment has enough cable to make the travel of at least 75 degrees.

3-. Turn on the computer and wait for 5 to 8 seconds without touching it.

4-. After this operation, the unit is ready for use.


You can download the complete manual here:

Manual Español

Manual English